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Beast from the East, Co Kildare, Ireland

The beast from the east hit Ireland with a flurry of amber and red warnings and a hell of a lot of snow.  After being interned in the house for three days with three kids, I was ready to escape to the snow on the forth.  With the roads still impassable, I took to the tundra on foot and trudged off to the canal.  A winter wonderland in early spring, the busy rat run that is the canal road hadn't seen a foot never mind a tyre.  Knee deep snow and a canal crusted in a ice blue snow blanket.

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Dún Briste Rainbow, Downpatrick Head, Co Mayo, Ireland

An icon of the Wild Atlantic Way, the Dún Briste sea stack sits in the Atlantic Ocean at Downpatrick Head.  Rising 150ft out the ocean, the stack was first scaled by rock climbers in 1990 and has only ever been repeated once again in 2016.  The Dún Briste stack is joined on the headland by the large blowhole, Pul Na Sean Tinne and the manmade Eire 64 World War II Lookout Post and neutrality marking.  Huge stone "EIRE' markings were constructed into surface onto top of the cliffs declaring the neutrality of the state for overflying airmen which often accompanied by their Lookout Station number, which in this case with No 64.  The Lookouts, concrete pillboxes were manned 24 hours a day  were part of a strategic place network to monitor and report all maritime and aviation activity around the coast of Ireland.  

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Ennischrone, Co Sligo, Ireland

A family holiday to County Mayo promised an opportunity to make a rare photography venture in 2017, yet the photos from this post appear curtesy of my iPhone and an afternoon family trip to the beach.  Being Ireland, we prepared for all weather eventualities and hit the beach fully wrapped up against the chill September wind and the occasional drip of rain.

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Ballybunnion, Co Kerry, Ireland

My day job neccesitated a trip down to northern Kerry to participate in a public planning hearing which was scheduled to run for most of the week.  As luck would have it, our base for the trip was the seaside town of Ballybunnion, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.  Packing my bags, I decided to throw my camera in my car just in case and on the two of the nights, we arrived back at the hotel as the sun was setting.  Running short of time, I managed to grab a few hand held snaps as the last of the sun dipped below the Atlantic Ocean.   

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South Wall, Dublin, New Year's Day 2017

It's hard to believe it is almost a year since I took this photo on my annual New Years; Day photo pilgrimage. Last year was slightly different in that I did not make sunrise but instead went out for sunset.  The location for the outing was the South Wall of Dublin Port and the photo below is taken from the wall looking back towards the Poolbeg Chimneys and Dublin City,

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Connemara, Ireland Pt 3

Final post from the Rohan Reilly workshop with a selection of long exposure photography from the trip which are predominantly from a series of locations around Lough Corrib.  The final photo was a fenceline which I spotted in Lough Shindilla on the way to Lough Corrib and decided to stop at on the way home.

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